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EU India Association is networking, cultural integration and interaction

The EU-India Association aims to act as a forum for debate, trade and implementation of best practices. It will promote contacts between Italian and Indian companies, institutions and representative activities, with the aim of creating an “Indian system” for the establishment of effective links between public and private sectors, fostering enhanced relations between the European Union and India.

Business and companies


Thanks to networking activities, being part of an authoritative organisation, that can count on a network of close relations with both India and the European Union, allows easy access to the European Parliament and also to other EU and Indian institutions, such as the respective Chambers of Commerce.

Being a member of the Association also guarantees membership of a network of companies, sharing information, experiences, contacts and business opportunities relating to India, as well as offering visibility through the Association’s activities, in the form of sponsorships, company endorsements, advertising space in the Association’s publications and website.

Knowledge and expertise

Indian Knowledge

Being a member of the Association means having access to a range of services, researches and reports on India produced by numerous universities, research centres and organisations throughout Europe. It allows you to take part in events, webinars and courses organised or promoted by the Association, free of charge or on preferential terms, and to play an active part in projects promoted by the Association. Last but not least, it offers an opportunity to acquire expertise in specific areas with the aim of disseminating knowledge and creating synergies between industries and companies from both India and the EU.

Strategy and support

Sharing Politics

You will be able to meet periodically with the Association’s staff, to share strategic visions and policies regarding both the EU and Indian markets and support investment initiatives.

The Association will provide support and advice on a wide range of issues concerning import/export, visas, Covid-19 procedures. Services will be made available thanks to the agreements reached by the Association with its Members and Partners.