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The EU-India Association is ready to welcome new people, companies, institutions and organisations that share the vision of generating and consolidating a cultural exchange and business network between the European Union and India.

Whether you are a scholar interested in the dynamics of international relations between the European Union and India, a professional looking for bespoke training and new business opportunities in a country in constant economic growth, an organisation or a company that wants to expand its potential by creating a network of entities with a common goal, join us!


As a professional, by joining our Association you will have access to a range of free or discounted training events and webinars. You will also be part of an ever-expanding network of other professionals and companies with the right know-how to help you fit into the existing and future trade dynamics between the European Union and India.

Businesses, institutions and organisations

The businesses, institutions and organisations that join our Association will be able to count instantly on a coordinated network of experienced companies, ready to support your business activities and ensure the right visibility in the markets. You will also have easy access to the European Parliament and other governmental and non-governmental institutions in both the European Union and India.

How to become a member of the Association

To send an application request as a member of the Association refer to:

Governing Council
EU-India Association

To send the membership request write to:

Annual fees:
Ordinary member: 25,00 €
Other membership: TBD

Bank account:
Intesa San Paolo
Via Giuseppe Pisanelli 00196, ROME
IBAN IT34 C030 6909 6061 0000 0106 282

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