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What is the mission of the EU-India Association.

To strengthen an already well-established relationship, to promote a fruitful dialogue that brings two great cultures closer together, to foster interactions and international relations.
The newly formed EU-India Association, an apolitical non-profit organization, immediately sets itself very ambitious but realistic objectives: this thanks to the long experience of its founders, who have been active for years in supporting the collaboration between the two oldest democracies in the world. to encourage culture, institutions and entrepreneurship, thus strengthening the connection between the European Union and India.
Sandro Gozi, president of the EU-India Association, has an important curriculum in the field of international politics and diplomacy: twice deputy, former president of the Schengen Parliamentary Committee and undersecretary for European Affairs, he is currently a member of the European Parliament. His many years of experience allows the Association to be able to propose the entire European Union – and not just Italy – to India as an interlocutor.

Gozi is assisted by vice-president Roney Simon: strategic advisor and Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy, he was subsequently appointed representative in Italy of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), confederation of Indian industrialists.

The Secretary General of the Association is Matteo Ribaldi who, after various experiences in the public sector and in the Technical Secretariat of the Department for European Policies, is now a senior consultant in a Public Affairs company.

This is why EU-India Association was born with great ambitions: with three high-caliber profiles like those of its founding members, it wants to promote mutual exchange, knowledge and deepening of the various peculiarities of India, favoring European openness towards it. . The Association aims to be a platform, unique in Europe, of interaction in the cultural, social, economic and institutional spheres between the European Union and India, thanks also to a careful analysis of socio-political and cultural dynamics, fundamental to be known for promoting mutual growth and overcoming stereotypes that can still hinder dialogue today.

Dialogue and sharing which are therefore based on an in-depth knowledge of the complex dynamics taking place. This is the formula that the EU-India Association wants to follow in its path, also thanks to an experience born in 2007, when Gozi had collected the legacy of the then Honorable Sergio Mattarella as president of what was renamed the Italy-India Association, of the which the EU-India Association today wants to collect the ideal inheritance.

To do this, the Association is naturally open to welcoming new people, entities, organizations and companies that share its vision aimed at generating a fruitful exchange of relationships and an in-depth knowledge of Indian culture thanks to the establishment of an organic and structured network, between India and the European Union.
The Association is in fact equipping itself with its own collegial bodies with equal presences of European and Indian members interested in developing this dialogue and strengthening contacts and developments between these two great democracies.
An ever greater involvement of new realities ready to interact will make dialogue increasingly useful and interesting for everyone.